Structural & MEP Design

Structural & MEP Design

Structural engineering designs utilize a relatively small number of basic structural elements to build up structural systems than can be very complex. ANK has the expertise for the creative planning and efficient use of funds, structural elements and materials to achieve these goals. We ensure our designs satisfy given design criteria, predicated on safety or serviceability and performance.

In line with International Standards and Authority requirements, ANK also offer design of MEP services for new buildings, retrofits across wide range of applications such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Academic institutions, Hospitals and Luxurious Villas.

Our MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) engineers detail the visible elements in an HVAC system, including equipment, ducting and venting, and represent plumbing supply and waste lines, fixtures, and valves. With intent to deliver the best solution to every problem, coupled with our technical expertise, ANK creates extended value for our clients committed to putting the client’s interests first.

The scope of ANK’s services covers all building systems, including (but not necessarily limited to)

  • Building structural frames in reinforced concrete and structural steel, including high-rise structures.
  • Building foundations.
  • Structural members and elements for remodeling and refurbishment of existing buildings.
  • Structures associated with civil engineering and utilities infrastructure.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including chilled water generation and distribution, DX systems, air distribution and exhaust.
  • Energy recovery.
  • Building management and control systems.
  • Smoke management systems.